Interview with Luna Muni

From a very young age, Luna was introduced to music. As the Granddaughter of a renowned preacher you can only imagine how musically filled my childhood was. Her Grandmother and Grandfather raised both herself and her twin sister from infancy, along with my younger sister as well. All three of them had the fortune of growing up in a home filled with so much Love, Music, and Laughter . It became clear to Luna early on that Music would be propitious in the involvement of her future goals and dreams. Within receiving her first musical instrument at the age of 4. A small plastic Violin… Luna never expected 19 years later the violin would make such an impact on her life.  By 2014, Luna traveled throughout Southwest Florida looking for Open Mics , Poetry Events, and other venues where she could showcase her passions. Luckily, through persistence , faith and possibly mere luck Luna came across a life- changing job opportunity as a Personal Assistant. During her employment, Luna was given countless opportunities to spread her waves. In late 2014 Luna was traveling all over the US including the Virgin Islands for Expos and Meet Ups. During this time, She gained a side passion for Network and Marketing.  In February 2015, Luna received the opportunity to open set for Grammy Award winning Artist Chrisette Michelle. Recently in 2016, Luna Muni began taking an immediate interest in Music Therapy , Composition, and Production. She has finally found her “Voice" and the message is Peace and Love.

Plato once said "Music is moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything." This has been my truth.

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