Bunt Words

Bunt Talk  

sit up, look up, take notice

I promise, good counsel coming at you

Open one ear, close the next

When I was bwoy, father sit me, knee,

Mothers love find me, oh my love


I was sat, down that was, drill me.

Let this find the heart, wisdom telling

A useful note, “learn to live!”

Don’t love worldly things, find wisdom

Forage for Understanding, courage will find

Tune in, don’t let this word miss you


Don’t ever, never walk away from wisdom

The more you know, the better you grow

Love wisdom, wisdom will keep its eye on you.

Above all, in front all, Get that Wisdom!

Get Understanding, make sure that on your list

Hold that wisdom tight, believe me, you won’t lose

Wisdom will make your life glorious, so put up

Wisdom will garland your life with grace,

A beautiful thing, if only you can see it

it will add years to your life, so put up

writing clear directions, lock in


Imagine me drawing a map, movements

No blind alley way, pay attention

wasting time making wrong turns, not here

Hold tight to good advice, don’t relax yet


Guard this information, lives at stake!

Seal up, don’t take Wicked Bypass

Stay clear of the wrong path, right or left

Make a detour, go with the best feelings

bad people are restless and bad


no time for trouble making, keep on

trouble making will find you, don’t invite

bad people always miserable, even when happy

Perversity is bad people food, drink as well

Understand violence is bad people drug


Good people glow with light, they find light

the longer good people live, brighter light shine

road of wrongdoing gets dark, even more dark

make sure you still with me, lock in


Learn with the Heart, everything is a plug

listen well to the words, tune your ears

my voice, my message, plain view points

Concentrate! Learn with the heart! So, put up

discover these words live, everything on the plug


body and soul, bursting with health

Keep vigilant, watch yourself, heart good

life starts with you, life stay with you

shut your mouth when both sides open

stay clear of careless banter, white lies


gossip, trying to find you, stay clear

Keep those eyes straight ahead, ignore all

the road will stretch out smooth before you.

Look neither right or left, is you note book full?


Walk with me, leave evil and bad people in the dust

Model your path

What if I was kind and true, show mercy

slow to anger, govern my surrounding

misbehave, take matters in my own

Acknowledging the power of doing, behave

My manners see you, there is concerns


What if my virtue was perfect.

power is the root of immortality.

duped by inventions of misapplied human skill

the sterile work of painters, crafts to skill

figure daubed with assorted colors.


the sight of which sets fools yearning

hankering for lifeless form, unbreathing image.

Lovers of evil are worthy of such hope

those who make them, sometimes worship them.


Take a potter, laboriously working the soft earth

shaping each object for one to use

Out of the self-same clay, we model vessels

Intend for noble use and contrary purpose


the potter himself to decide, making choices

clay one models a futile god

recently made from earth itself

shortly to return what was taken


a soul that was lent once upon

one does not worry about having to die

the shortness of one’s life, strives to outdo

pride on modelling counterfeits.

Ashes, one’s heart is viler than earth


ones hope, more wretched than clay, one’s life!

when have misconceived modelled oneself

who breathed an active soul into life

be inspired by living spirit, sought pray


a king of game, time here like a fair

full of bargains, man must make a living

more than any other, knows one’s sinning,

who from one earthy stuff makes

both brittle pots and idols.


what’s foolish, more pitiable

than the soul of a little child,

enemies play the tyrant with individuals

They have taken all the idols of heathen for gods


their eyes for seeing, their nostrils for breathing

ears for hearing, fingers for handling, feet for walking.

They have been made, a human being,

modelled by the breath they borrowed


No one can model a god to resemble himself

subject to death, one’s impious hands can produce

only something dead. One will at least have lived

they worship even the most loathsome of creatures

worse than the rest in their degree of stupidity,


without a trace of beauty, attractive to darkness

seeing what’s not divine, a world awaits

Walk the good walk, find the light

Whatever lead the feet, shall direct the path

Be brave of the unknown, nothing waits

You were made to be the model, use all limbs

A big world awaits, model the part on that path


The End


Flesh Fight

Why I fight with my flesh?

Dem say it dead to di law

Maybe I should find another

The great one was raised up

This fight might be easy then.


This flesh like fun, a fight awaits

motions of sins, what opinion matter?

Worked me to bring forth fruit from death.

What if me delivered from law


That being dead wherein I was held

Now I serve in newness of spirit

Not in the oldness, no sire

What should I say then?

Does this law really sin?


The almighty forbid.

I did not know sin, but law did

I didn’t understand lust, law was watching

Don’t covet, was the warning

What does that even mean?


This law a try kills me

I was having fun without this law

commandment came, a could a Wah tis now?

sin revived, and I died.

Occasion by commandment,

deceived me, then it slew me.

Over with now, not feeling it

Whatever was good, made death on me

The almighty forbid.

working death in me by what is good

my flesh was exceedingly sinful.

Me carnal, sold under law.


Fight starting, not sure who will win

I undress her with the mind

She looking at me, I’m not saying nothing

If then I do that which I would not,

I consent none of this, don’t say a word.

I feel it was not me, really?


Why is everyone looking at me?

This fight of flesh, confusing

Not sure when I win or lose

Oh no, what I’m I feeling now?

good I’m not sure.


For the good that I would, not sure I should

The doings that start the ruckus, I agree

Now when I do that, feelings no right

Someone or somebody need to take response,

Emotions running, now I feel light headed


Now I really don’t know my findings,

A bad feel is present with me. wtf

I need to do a new motion

But I see another in the mirror


That face smiling, why I’m I just staring

bringing me to captivity of the flesh then

A horrible man I am!

who will deliver me from this flesh?


I feel there is a great one

So then with the mind of mine

We have made a unanimous decision

Oh wait, the fight has resume, stay tune.


The End






Soughing her


By night on my bed

I sought her

whom my soul loveth:

I sought her, but I found her not.


I will rise now

Go about the blocks

In the broad ways, I will seek her

whom my soul loveth:


I sought her, but I found her not.

The watchers that go about the city

to whom I said,

“I need to find her, whom my soul loveth”


It was a while I passed from them,

Time have me found her, whom my soul loveth:

I held her, she was safe, loveth of me

I brought her to mother's house,


Into chamber of me conceive.

I charge her, O beautiful soul I loveth

by the roses, by the doves laying

I will stir not up, nor awake my loveth of soul,

as she please.


What cometh?

More erection for who my soul loveth

like layers of heavy water fall

removing this perfumed of my fav

mind thinking more pleasure


she Behold the bed head, a force from behind was the feel;

explosion now for both souls

feeling like the valiant of Buntworld.

Let them hold negative thoughts


They’re expert in others world:

Everyone in radius understood, what unfold

Our bodies didn’t fear the night.

Then I use words to comfort her.

Go forth, who my soul loveth,


the crown is sitting

this day of espousals, my soul loveth

The feel I get for who my soul loveth

Enjoying the rewards and pleasures

A relax mind, after Soughing her


The End







Finger Signature


The signature hand felled paper

These fingers come in five on one

Paper felt soft for finger write

Walk that paper, like a treadmill run.

All those cure from the movement

Paper feeling ink as hand write name

Joints cramped with chalk laying up


Every stroke gets closer to sealing the deal.

Important agreement calls rules outside

Making connection with a hand on the paper

Machine ink on right hand face waiting

Wooden pen with the right ink call deal.

Scribbled name must be on rise


The dominion holds stories in writing

Finding greatness in this hand of signature

Story to come after pen meet paper.

These fingers know direction of destination

Sweat hand workout fingers on course

The hand that play well on paper bottoms

Signature done, finger excited for job well done


The End



Love, Doings


I speak in your ear, about love

ecstasy find you here, speaking love

I’m nothing of a lover, noting of love

My words have power, revealing love.


The mysteries of my love, everything goes deep

Love is looking at you, as baby finds sleep,

I can jump in love, because I understand

but what if I don’t love, then I have lost.


If I give everything I own, I find

don’t never, go anywhere with love

whatever I say, whatever I believe,

whatever I do, whatever I feel,

Love control whatever that was,


it never gives up.

cares about you more.

controls its destiny.

It will not strut, a determine love!


It also understands its values,

will force itself on you

it’s never about me first

it will never fly off the handle


it never keeps the score

Takes pleasure in your beauty

With this drive, it will find

always Put up with anything

Believe in the possibilities, this gripping love


looking for the best in you

don’t look back, this love got you

The value it holds will take you to the end

It will never die, infinity love

this inspired my pieces, always move me









help me feel comfortable about the unknown.

this motion completes me.

When I was baby, I remember this love

When I was big kid, I was still getting this love

Now, I am grown up, it still stays with me

When things not clear, it directs me

My eyes get foggy, it finds me


When I peer through the mist, it feels me

The weather is clears, the sun is shining

The mood is set, the vibe is right

The time is now, all of me, want all of you

The completeness, the consummation, the trust

The extraordinary feel I have, with this LOVE


The End